Can Hemorrhoids Cause Bloating or Gas

People suffering from piles or haemorrhoids suffer trouble passing gas. Gas and bloating are, to some extent, a common occurrence. However, when they are experienced in excess, it may suggest a more serious problem. Gas or bloating in excess might be a sign of major intestinal or digestive problems. If you’re suffering with piles or any discomfort you have to consult our best piles doctor in hyderabad, without delay , to stop further complications. 

Can Haemorrhoids Cause Gas or Bloating?- h2

When you have piles or haemorrhoids, you may notice changes in your bowel movements. Abdominal discomfort, bloating, and gas might result from this shift in bowel habits. Haemorrhoids come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A prolapsed haemorrhoid might swell to the point of impeding your bowel motions. Internal haemorrhoids can bleed abundantly and fast at times, resulting in serious blood loss that can be life-threatening.

Excessive bloating or gas, according to some, may be a cause of piles. Excessive bloating or gas caused by haemorrhoids has yet to be medically established. However, if passing gas causes discomfort, it might be due to colon cancer, colorectal cancer, anal fissure, haemorrhoids, or simply regular digestive difficulties or irritation in the anus or surrounding the anal entrance.

If you have a lot of gas or bloating, as well as an unpleasant, painful feeling while passing gas, you should visit a doctor right away since these might be signs of colon cancer (rare) but detecting early symptoms and getting treated will be a life saving decision . If you’re in hyderabad , then book an appointment with our ayurvedic proctologist in hyderabad.

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Some people believe they burp or pass too much gas. Others report bloating and cramping in their abdomens. This pain may develop in regions where gas might become trapped, such as bends in the colon which naturally occur in the upper to mid-right side of the abdomen and under the spleen (upper to mid left part of the abdomen).

The presence of blood in the faeces is unusual. Even if it’s only a few droplets of blood. It might be a sign of piles or something more serious. Around the anus or anal region, there is itching, swelling, and inflation. Piles may now be treated with an innovative laser procedure that is painless. The painless laser technology is quite practical. Following surgery, the patient has had no complications.

Unlike open surgery for haemorrhoids, patients do not experience any pain during this therapy. After a 12- to 15-hour rest period, the patient can resume their usual food and daily routine. When a patient is diagnosed with piles, it is recommended that they undergo laser treatment for piles  to get a lasting cure.

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