Cure Your Fistula With Ayurvedic Treatment

In this fast-forwarding world, people are so busy with their lives that no one doesn’t care about their health and various health issues. Fistula is one of the most common diseases in every human life. This article provided by Dr. Saraja’s Ayurvedic specialty clinic clearly explains about  the best fistula treatment in Hyderabad with ayurvedic treatment without complications  .

A fistula is a small tube between the infected gland and the cavity inside the anus or skin around the anus. These are generally formed between the loops of the intestine. This may result in oozing of pus, pain, and discomfort. 

Symptoms of Fistula:

  • Skin irritation in the anal area
  • Experiencing swelling and pain in that area
  • Blood or pus discharge in that area
  • Fever
  • Digestive problems
  • Difficulty in sitting
  • Poor diet
  • Severe constipation

Treatment for Fistula:

Dr. Saraja’s center has one of the leading anal fistula doctors in Hyderabad offering treatments for fistula at affordable prices. There are different types of treatment for Fistula but Ayurveda gives the best solution for fistula problems. Here we mainly explain the ayurvedic treatment for fistula and fissure laser treatment.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Fistula:

  • Kshara sutra is one of the most utilized and effective ayurvedic treatments for fistula.
  • In this ksharasutra treatment, the seton thread is heavily coated with herbal alkalis such as apamarga kshara and arkakshara. 
  • Then this multiple-coated seton thread will be inserted into the infected canal and two ends of the thread are tied forming a loop. 
  • This alkalis-coated thread is continuously released throughout the length of the canal by cutting, curetting, cleansing, and healing from the deeper. 
  • This thread will last for a week. After that, the old thread will be replaced with a new one. 
  • Depending on the severity of the fistula this process repeats up to 5 times.

Benefits of Kshara Sutra:

  • Simple and safe process
  • No need for skin cuts during the treatment
  • Minimal recurrence chances
  • No hospitalization required
  • Cost-effective
  • The minimal scar on the skin

Fissure Laser Treatment:

Fissure laser Surgery is one of the easy and simple treatments for fissures. It is a one-day process and it is pain-free. Under general anesthetic conditions by using the laser, the pathological tissue will get vaporized from inside. There is no blood loss with this process. This laser treatment is an advanced technique and has a high success rate.

Dr. Saraja has hands-on experience in treating fissures with minimal discomfort. She was highly expertise in performing fissure laser surgery in Hyderabad even for complex anal fissures.

Benefits of fissure Laser Treatment:

  • Pain-free process
  • Minimally invasive surgery technique
  • No bleeding
  • Easy recovery within a short duration
  • Less rate of recurrence
  • Affordable for every Individual

How Saraja’s Ayurvedic Helps for Fissures?

Dr. Saraja is a leading anal fistula doctor in Hyderabad who provides specialized treatments in the fields of ayurvedic. These treatments will help the patients to recover quickly without any side effects and so much medication at affordable prices. To get immediate relief from fissures with minimal recurrence get the best ayurvedic treatments for your fissures now. If you are looking for laser treatment for fissures Saraja’s ayurvedic clinic will give the best possible results with their advanced treatments

To know more information about the cure of your fistula with ayurvedic treatment contact Dr. Saraja ayurvedic hospital now.