Dos and Don’ts After Ksharasutra Treatment For Fistula in Ano

Ksharsutra therapy is one of the best treatment modalities in Ayurveda classics. It is the biggest medical advancement and proved to be effective in the field of fistula in ano. However, it comprises a few post-procedural complications which must be followed to eliminate the consequences. 

Are you planning for Ksharasutra Treatment in India for Fistula in ano? If yes, then you might be in search of pre and post procedural precautions which you need to follow. Read here the dos and don’ts to achieve all your desired results. 

Dos After Ksharasutra Treatment

  • Have a light meal that is rich in carbohydrates and proteins for 2 days following the procedure.  
  • Take a bath with lukewarm water. Also take a sitz bath 2 to 4 times in a  day.  
  • Clean the anal area with mild soap.  
  • Do change the dressing every morning and evening. 
  • Your doctor will prescribe certain medications. Take medications regularly to avoid post procedural swelling and scars.
  • Keep yourself hydrated both before and after the procedure.
  • You may experience pus discharge from fistula. It is quite common and you need not get panic. Just clean the anal area. 
  • Engage in regular exercises because it helps in relieving the pain and draining of pus. 

Don’ts After Ksharasutra Treatment

  • Don’t pull or move the ksharasutra thread.
  • Don’t give pressure while passing the stool. Always pass the stool with sufficient pressure to prevent diseases like piles. 
  • Avoid heavy meals after the procedure. 


Ksharsutra has shown a great potential in preventing the recurrence and complications associated with ano-rectal disorders. However, the results of the procedure depends on after procedural care. To match the actual results with your expected results, one must follow all the suggestions given by the doctor.  

Ksharsutra is a completely safe and effective procedure which yields better outcomes. Follow all aforementioned instructions to enjoy the maximum results. Looking for the best Ksharsutra Treatment in India? Contact us now and get the best treatment for Fistula in ano.