Everyone Should Know About First 5 Signs of Anal- Fistula

Anorectal problems are quite embarrassing and are delayed in most of the cases. Anal Fistula is one such anorectal problem which makes the life of a patient horrible. In this article, Dr Saraj’s Ayurvedic Speciality Clinic, best fistual doctor in Hyderabad explains early signs of anal fistula, and suggests on when you should see your doctor. 

The tunnel connecting the infected cavity is referred to as anal fistula. It causes swelling followed by huge pain. The common causes identified are Crohn’s disease, radiation, trauma, and tuberculosis. Here are a few early signs which helps in identifying the anal fistula and taking necessary precautions. 

1.Pain and Swelling

The major symptom of anal fistual is pain and swelling near the anal area because fistulas arises due to abscesses. Abscesses is the pus accumulation which causes severe pain and swelling around the anus. The patient may experience intense pain, especially during bowel movements. Mild pain and swelling can be managed at home by following home remedies but when the pain worsens, it should not be neglected. 

2. Pus Discharge

The patients may also experience pus discharge with a foul-smell because fistulas are usually a result of collection of pus (abscess). In some instances, the patients may also have blood in their stools. However, few patients may not experience any discharge from the anus. See your doctor immediately, if you notice any such discharge.

3. Itching of the Anal skin

The most unpleasant symptom of anal fistulas is skin irritation, soreness and itching around the anus. It can be quite embarrasing and uncomfortable for the people suffering from anal fistulas. Continuous itching may also result in skin damage or infection. However, itching has many causes like hemorrhoids, over washing and excessive cleaning. See your doctor who can help you determine the actual cause of itching.  

4. Fever 

Fistulas is commonly associated with anal abscess which causes fever and ill feeling. Sufferers may have frequent fevers and a feeling of being unwell. However, all the patients may not experience this symptom. Reach out to a doctor if you experience fever on a frequent basis.  

5. Bleeding 

Patients with anorectal problems experience frequent bleeding from the anus. Patients with fistulas may notice bright-red blood on toilet paper. Mild anal bleeding goes away on its own, and might not be a cause of fistula. See your doctor immediately, if you have continuous or unstoppable bleeding.  

Quick Tips Of Care For Anal Fistula 

Here are a few tips which can help you in managing the symptoms of anal fistulas. 

  • Use stool softeners to avoid strain while passing stools.
  • Consume more fibers to affect easy digestion.
  • Drink more water to facilitate easy metabolism.
  • Clean the anal area to avoid infections and septics.
  • Consult a specialist who can prescribe a few healthcare products like oral medications, skin creams, and lotions.  


Anal fistula is a painful and embarrasing. However, the reasons for anal disorders are determined to be poor gastrointestinal tract. Understand the needs of your own body and always try to protect the lower gastrointestinal tract in a healthful state. Visit a doctor, if you experience any symptoms listed above.  

If you are not sure of whom to consult, opt-in to our clinic. We have skilled professionals who can help you with the best ayurvedic treatment for fistula in Hyderabad.