Everything You Need To Know About Pilonidal Cyst Disease

Will the Pilonidal cyst go on its own? Is it Life threatening?

Is Pilonidal sinus harmful if it is left untreated? 

Is Pilonidal sinus inconvenient and embarrassing? 

Are you in search of answers to these questions? Then you can get answers to all your questions in this article, 

Pilonidal Cyst – What It Is? 

Pilonidal Cyst is a common skin problem in which fluid filled sac containing hair and skin debris are formed near the tailbone. It is usually harmless when drained, but it causes pain when the cyst becomes infected. It also increases the risk of a skin cancer, called squamous cell carcinoma. 

Symptoms of Pilonidal Cyst 

Pilonidal Cyst is not a serious condition and usually drains on their own. However, few cysts trigger a life-threatening full-body infection. It is advisable to meet a doctor, if you have any of these symptoms.  

  • Pain or tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Skin reddening
  • Draining of pus or blood   

Causes of Pilonidal Cyst 

The clear cause of Pilonidal Cyst is not clear. However, the most common cause is known to be skin rubbing, tight clothing, and bicycling. There are few risk factors for Pilonidal Cyst, as follows.

  • Male sex
  • Younger age 
  • Excessive sweating  
  • Obesity
  • Inactive lifestyle
  • Sitting for longer hours 
  • Excess, stiff or coarse hair body hair 

Pilonidal Cyst – Diagnosis  

As a  part of diagnosis, the doctor will conduct a physical examination. He or she may also ask you additional details about your symptoms, family history of cysts, and medications or supplements you take. 

Pilonidal Cyst – Treatment

Once the diagnosis is done, your doctor will suggest the best treatment for Pilonidal Cyst and helps you avoid further recurrence and complications. In Sarajas ayurveda clinic, we use kshara karma and kshara sutra treatment techniques to treat Pilonidal Cyst, which is a permanent solution without complications. Sarajas ayurveda clinic is the best ayurvedic treatment in hyderabad.

kshara karma Treatment 

Kshara karma is another minimally invasive surgical procedure to treat Pilonidal sinus. A medication derived from the natural herbs is applied to the cysts using a special slit proctoscope. It is less painful compared to Kshara sutra treatment. 

kshara sutra Treatment 

kshara sutra is a  minimally invasive treatment technique to cure Pilonidal Cyst. In this procedure, a thread coated with herbal drugs and alkaline is inserted into the fistulous tract. This thread dissolves the fibrous tissues and drains the pus. 

It is an ideal treatment method because it does not require any hospitalization and patients can get back to their daily routine immediately after the procedure. It is a completely safe and effective procedure as it does not involve any side effects.    


Pilonidal sinus is completely harmless when you follow all the instructions suggested by the Kshara sutra specialist in Hyderabad. Don’t ever ignore the symptoms, because Pilonidal Cyst increases the risk of skin cancer and other dangerous body infections.    

Kshara karma and kshara sutra are two potential treatment techniques to treat Pilonidal sinus. These are approved treatments in the medical field and the top experienced doctor can help you with the best pilonidal sinus treatment. 

Contact us for the best treatment without complication and with permanent cure guaranteed.