Fistula Patients Recovery from Surgery

Want to know how to take care after having anal fistula surgery?

Surgical treatment for anal fistula is mostly effective at managing situla. Depending on the type of surgery and fistula complications the surgery may vary for every person. Anal fistula removal surgery is simple to operate and it’s a minimally invasive process. If the fistula is more complicated then it requires more hospital stay. 

The recovery time of the fistula surgery patient depends on the type of surgery has the complexity of the fistula, previous health conditions of the patient, and skill of the surgeon. It may take several weeks to months to recover completely from the surgery.

Looking after the surgery wound:

  • After the surgery, the patient needs to wear a dressing over the surgical cut till it heals completely. 
  • Visit the hospital at regular intervals for surgical cut dressings.
  • The dressing will need to be changed in regular intervals.
  • Most anal fistula surgeries will heal in six to seven weeks.
  • In the first few weeks, you may experience bleeding or a discharge from the surgical area while passing the tool.
  • Avoid using tight inner clothing until the wound heals completely.
  • Avoid swimming until the wound heals completely.

Tips for fistula surgical wound cleaning:

  • Gently wash the area with lukewarm water and cotton wool. Instead of rubbing the area just pat the skin gently.
  • Avoid using the performed products and normal face talcum powder because this may cause irritation in the surgical area.
  • Use the cream and medication prescribed by the surgeon in regular intervals to help in avoiding the irritants and reducing the wound pain.

Rest after the fistula surgery:

  • Avoid sitting for long periods and walking.
  • Try to wear loose-fitting clothes and innerwear.
  • Lie down on any of the sides while sleeping.
  • Use pillows and cushions while sitting to relieve pressure.
  • Follow the high fiber diet to avoid constipation problems.

Back to Day to Day Activities:

  • After recovering from the surgical wound, start with gentle exercise whenever you can.
  • Take your surgeon’s permission before you can drive. 
  • Avoid sexual intercourse.
  • Drink plenty of liquids to reduce the risks of constipation.


Management after the fistula patient’s recovery from surgery is quite challenging but can be manageable with proper medical care and a well-balanced diet. Get the best fistula treatment and post-operative care to avoid the further risks of fistula. Fistula always needs immediate medical care. Saraja Clinic is the leading ayurvedic hospital in Hyderabad offers affordable fistula treatment services which also include post-operative care services.

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