How To Choose The Right Pile Treatment

Are you experiencing severe pain with piles? 

Do you bleed while passing stools? 

How to choose the right piles treatment is a common question for every individual who is facing severe discomfort with piles. You must know a few things before choosing the right treatment. Leaving untreated or choosing inappropriate treatments may lead to severe damage of the rectum which leads to dire consequences. 

It’s a very common mental situation for everyone who is facing painful piles and has a lot of questions such as whom to visit? what type of treatment is best for this situation and when it will be cured etc. This blog from Dr Saraja, the leading ayurvedic treatment specialist in Hyderabad will help you to clear all your doubts regarding choosing the right treatment for piles.

Best Treatments for Piles:

Depending on the severity of the piles there are different types of treatments which includes

Nutritious Food: If the piles are in the early stage or with very mild symptoms or experiencing the first time then those types of piles can be treated at home itself with a properly nutritious diet. Because a proper diet plays a crucial role in curing the discomforts of the piles. To avoid one of the main symptoms of the piles i.e constipation the nutrient may suggest high fiber foods that help you to get rid of the constipation problems.

General physician: In case of normal piles with mild symptoms the physician may suggest some type of methods such as sitz bath, applying topical creams inserted into anus after bowel movements. These methods may help to avoid the discomfort, pain, or itchiness caused by hard stools. The general physicians may also suggest regular usage of ointments, medications, and creams to avoid bowel discomforts, pain caused by piles.

Ayurvedic treatment: There are different medications and treatment procedures in Ayurveda. The mild symptom of piles is cured with the help of herbal medication and for severe symptom piles, there are different types of ayurvedic treatments such as kshara sutra, shastra chikitsa, etc.

Open Piles surgery: This is one of the traditional surgeries for piles which is painful. This surgery involves cuts and stitches. With local anesthesia in the anal area, the surgeon removes the bulge and stitches it. 

Laser piles surgery: Laser surgery for piles is an advanced treatment for patients suffering from severe piles or hemorrhoids. This process is less invasive and has no scar. This type of surgery needs a more skillful surgeon, less operating time, and minimal discomfort.

Bottom line 

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