Is It Right To Eat Non-Veg In Piles

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Are you thinking is it right to eat non-veg in piles?

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There is no source of evidence that can’t have non-vegetarian food in piles. Non-veg food contains natural proteins, juices and oils. This is a great source of fiber and protein. For any piles patient non-veg food can’t be considered in the avoid list.

Any type of excess food is harmful for health. If the patient with pilies wants to have non-veg the physician will suggest to take it in moderate quantity along with sufficient quantity of water to avoid the risk digestion problem. Water will help for steady bowel movement. 

Patients who are suffering with piles should follow a proper fiber rich diet for normal bowel movement and to maintain the healthy functioning of the body. 

Foods to avoid while suffering from Piles:

Deeply fried foods: Nowadays everyone is habituated to ready made or instant cooked foods. If you are suffering from piles then stop consuming these foods to avoid the worst situation in piles.

Processed or Refined foods: In many cases, carbohydrate rich foods like bread, pizza, pasta, white rice and flour will take more time to digest. This will worsen the piles. Try to avoid these types of food to avoid further complications.

Processed Meat: The processed meat is always preserved with lots of preservatives that may be harmful for your digestive tract. It is more difficult to digest. If you notice continuous blood drain in your stool and constantly feeling constipated then avoid the red meat for a while.

Caffeinated foods: Beverages such as coffee, thick shakes, soft drinks, should be avoided. Because these products may harden the stools and cause discomfort in the bowel movement.

Baked products: All the bakery products such as bread, cookies, cakes, pastries contain flour and sugar which are not easy to digest and it may lead to piles with constipation.

Alcohol: Alcohol is one of the chronic risks for people who are suffering from piles. Alcohol will mainly damage the intestinal tract which leads to aggravation of symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Dairy Foods: Most of the dairy products contain high proteins called casein. This protein is very hard to digest and leads to constipation. So it’s better to avoid soft bowel movements.

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