Everyone Must Know About Kshara Sutra Ayurvedic Treatment of Ano-rectal Disease

Anorectal diseases like diarrhea, hemorrhoids, abscesses, fistula, fissures become worse, because most of the patients do not take early action due to embarrassment. Seeking medical advice from the ano-rectal specialist helps in avoiding the advancement of anorectal disorders. 

Ayurvedic techniques like kshara sutra is regarded as the best treatment for anorectal disorders as it provides quick relief and prevents recurrence. Continue reading to know more about kshara sutra treatment of anorectal disorders.   

About Kshara Sutra Treatment:  

Kshara sutra is a minimally invasive ayurvedic technique used for the management of anorectal diseases. It is a safe and effective procedure which holds a great potential in treating fistula and other anal disorders. It drains the pus and helps healing. 

Kshara sutra is an ideal procedure as it removes all the unhealthy tissues and promotes healing of the fistulous tract. It cleans the wound and thus avoids the risk of infection. Moreover, it doesn’t involve any complications like incontinence, stenosis, and stricture.  These procedures will be done by a kshara sutra specialist in hyderabad.

Kshara Sutra Treatment For Fistula

  1. The patient will be given an either local, spinal or general anesthesia.
  2. Now the kshara sutra is passed from external opening to the internal opening of anal canal using a malleable probe.
  3. Then, both the ends of the thread are tied together and are replaced at an interval of one week.
  4. The kshara sutra is left inside the tract to collapse. The fistula in ano heals after cutting.  

The procedure may vary depending upon the severity and cause of the disease. To get exact details about Kshara sutra treatment for Fistula, opt-in to the best doctor for fistula treatment in hyderabad.  

Kshara Sutra Treatment For Hemorrhoids 

Kshara sutra for hemorrhoids is performed on an out-patient basis. In this procedure, the patient will be given anaesthesia. Then, the herbal caustic medicine is applied over the haemorrhoids.   

The procedure may vary depending upon the severity and cause of the disease. To get exact details about Kshara sutra treatment for Piles, reach out to the best doctor for piles in Hyderabad.  

Why Choose Kshara Sutra Treatment For Ano-rectal Disorders? 

Kshara sutra is a chemical fistulectomy for Anorectal disorders with 95-98% success rate. It provides numerous benefits to the patients suffering from anorectal disorders. Here are a few benefits listed for you. 

  • Safe and Minimally invasive procedure 
  • Mostly performed on an out-patient basis 
  • Minimal hospital stay (5 to 6 hours) 
  • Cost-effective and the best ayurvedic treatment for piles 
  • Successful treatment for Anorectal disorders for many years  
  • No hospitalization required 
  • No antibiotic coverage required 
  • Least surgical complications like incontinence and stenosis 
  • No damage to anal sphincter 
  • Minimal recurrence rate 


Want to get rid of ano-rectal disorders completely? Then kshara sutra is the best treatment as it helps you get rid of Anorectal disorders like piles, fistula and fissures. Visiting the best ayurvedic hospital in Hyderabad can give you the exact results. 

Contact us now for the best kshara sutra treatment for piles in Hyderabad and get rid of all your anorectal disorders.