Most Common Causes of Anal Fissures

A tear at the posterior or back side of anal canal is called anal fissures. It is very painful, especially during a bowel motion due to increased pressure.  It occurs in almost all age groups and affects both the genders equally. In males, it mostly occurs due to passage of hard stool through the anal cavity whereas in women, the common cause for the occurrence of anal fissures is anal intercourse.  

Suffering from anal fissures and looking for the effective treatment options? Then you should know the cause of its occurrence because the right treatment option is determined only after knowing the underlying cause. Read on this article to know the most common causes of anal fissure and the best treatment for anal fissures.    

What Causes Anal Fissures? 

Similar to piles, anal fissures causes immense pain, bleeding, and inflammation especially during the bowel movements. The pain is too severe, and some people avoid going to toilets due to this reason. Anal fissures also causes constipation issues and leads to piles, when left untreated.

The right treatment option is determined only after knowing the underlying cause of fissures. There are many causes of anal fissures and here are a few most common causes of anal fissures listed for you.  

Medical Conditions:

The patients suffering from few medical conditions are at high risk for anal fissures. The medical conditions causing fissures are:

  • Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis
  • Anal cancer; leukemia
  • Tuberculosis
  • Syphilis
  • HIV

Previous Anal Surgeries or Anal Injuries

In some cases, the anal fissures occurs due to previous anal surgeries and anal injuries. The repeated surgeries lead to development of fissures in approximately 30% of patients. It is due to over stretching of anal mucosa beyond its capacity especially during the anal surgeries.

Large or Hard Stools

Passing hard stool is another major cause as it puts pressure on the anal wall and results in a tear. Anal fissures caused due to this factor can be managed easily with good diet with fiber. 

Persistent Diarrhoea 

Frequent bowel movements also cause fissures. Most people are likely to develop anal fissures when they have persistent diarrhoea. So make sure that you take extra care and don’t neglect diarrhoea. 


Fissures in women occur during the pregnancy as they are most likely to suffer constipation. Few women may also have fissures after the child birth due to straining. 


The above mentioned are a few common causes of anal fissures and the causes vary from person to person. However, to get rid of fissures one needs to know its cause, so that adequate remedies can be taken to avoid its recurrence.  

Knowing the underlying cause of any disease helps in determining the right treatment option. Hence, meet a proctologist who can diagnose your condition and suggest the best treatment for anal fissures in Hyderabad. 
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