Piles and western toilet

Want to know how the toilet sitting position will lead to piles?

Which sitting position is choosable if you are suffering from hemorrhoids?

The main cause of piles or hemorrhoids is improper digestion or constipation problems. The way the diet plays a crucial role for softer bowel movements in that way sitting position while using the bathroom is also playing an equally important role in handling piles.

With globalization came the toilets people are more interested towards comfortability, they are choosing the western toilets. Western toilets are comfortable but they have many other disadvantages. While we sit on a western toilet, our body is in a 90-degree position. In the squat position of the Indian toilet, your sitting position would be 35 degrees.

In order to pass stools softly, the Indian squat position is the best one. Squatting in Indian toiles is a type of exercise every day. While sitting in an Indian squat position it squeezes your stomach which improves digestion, pressurizing and churning the food into your stomach. But while the western toilet doesn’t give pressure on your stomach this leads to severe constipation problems. 

This Indian squat position is also easier to pass stools than western toilets. The sitting position on the western toilet will disrupt the passage of your intestines and close it. This puts extra pressure on your bowel which leads to piles problems.

Some people lean forward their upper body while sitting in a western toilet position and believe this helps them to give more pressure on the stools for better bowel movement. But while you bend forward it even further blocks the passable of the intestines.

The ideal sitting position with a western toilet with constricting one’s rectum and smoothly passes the bowels is the 35-degree position which is the traditional toilet position. This will help you in relieving the discomforts and bowel disorders. While using the western toilet seat at a 35-degree angle and put your foot on the toilet stool which relaxes and straightens the rectum. This helps in avoiding the hard bowel passage, piles, internal hemorrhoids, etc.

Using the Indian toilets is also beneficial for pregnant women for which they have to squat while using them. There will be no pressure on the uterus while using Indian toilets and help to make them smoothly ready for the normal delivery.

Squatting helps the complete evacuation of the stool from the colon in your body. This prevents chances of constipation, appendicitis which leads to colon cancer.

Conclusion: To avoid severe problems like constipation with piles and hemorrhoids, toilet position is crucial. Cure your pile problems at an early stage itself by avoiding the constipation problems by changing simple lifestyle changes. These small life changes will have a better impact on your health. Saraja’s clinic is the leading ayurvedic hospital in Hyderabad offering the best ayurvedic treatment for your piles or hemorrhoid problems at affordable prices. We have extensive experience in providing customized ayurvedic treatments according to the severity of the piles.

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