Why do we have so much trouble treating Fistula-in-Ano

Anal fistula is a tunnel structure grown abnormally appear under the skin of anal area. Usually it connect the anal canal in the colon to the skin of the buttocks (anal hole). It usually follows an infection with a pus-filled infection (abscess).

Anal fistula is known as fistula-in-ano, a most common illnesses of men between 30 and 50 years of age. Some anal fistulas are easy to locate. Others aren’t to spot.  

Your anal fistula treatment doctor will examine for anal fistula symptoms and signs of oozing fluid or bleeding at anal hole area. It didn’t heal immediately as it appeared.

The treatment of this anal fistula is a most challenged clinical conditions for many doctors and general physicians and healers. Only experienced doctors can provide treatment or surgery to your Anal fistula conditions. Ayurvedic doctor for anal fistula treatment at Saraja Ayurveda Clinic, can repair your anal fistula conditions. 

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Providing the best treatment to fistula-in-ano is not an easy job to the doctors. Your doctor need to consider many things before finalizing the best treatment options to anal fistula.

Here are the list of things those making so much trouble treating anal fistula. They are…

1. Who is at risk

2. Main risks

3. Treatment Complications

4. Multiple Treatment options

5. quality of life in patients with fistula- in- ano before and after surgery.

All these above things are leading to trouble treating. Find them in detail.

1. Patients Who’s at risk

There is a 50% chance of developing an anal fistula when you have sign and symptom of production of anal abscess. The following clinical and medical conditions that affect your lower digestive area may also increase your risk to anal fistula. These include:

  • Crohn’s disease
  • Colitis
  • Radiation treatment for rectal cancer
  • Chronic diarrhea

2. Main risks

The main risks are:

A) Highly prone to infections – In many patient, Anal fistula conditions may need the hospital visit.

B) Recurrence of the fistula – Anal fistula reoccur after surgery

C) Bowel incontinence 

D) Location of Anal fistula

3. Treatment Complications

A) Reoccurrence of anal fistula after treatment

B) Inability to stop bowel movements

C) Prone to surgery 

4. Multiple Treatment Options

In Ayurveda, we are having a lot of effective treatment for fistula-in-ano conditions. Kshara sutra ayurvedic treatment in Hyderabad at Saraja Ayurvedic Clinic is most safe, non hazardous and effective for fistula-in-ano. 

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Once you have an anal fistula, antibiotic treatment may not help always. Surgery is the best way to cure the fistula. Surgical procedure options are include:

  • Fistulectomy, 
  • Fistulotomy, 
  • Bioprosthetic plug,
  • Flap advancement, 
  • LIFT procedure,
  • Glue, 
  • Seton placement, Laser surgery,
  • Reconstructive surgery 
  • Endoscopic ablation

These surgical treatment management carries several anal fistula complications. The ayurvedic doctor will explain to you and advise about these complications that generate after surgery.  

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5. Many patients may not spend quality of life when suffering with fistula- in- ano even before and after surgery. As a patient you should not ignore to ask surgeon before your anal fistula treatment. Discuss potential risks with your ayurvedic doctor in Hyderabad before your plan to the surgery. Otherwise your ignorance will lead to trouble treating your fistula-in-ano. Don’t depend on home remedies for your anal fistula conditions. It is not a safe one.

Key points about Why do we have so much trouble treating Fistula-in-Ano.

Many things are leading to much trouble for treating Fistula-in-Ano conditions. 

Some fistus are asymptotic and few show symptoms.

Antibiotics are not ultimate best treatment option for your anal fistula conditions. 

Physical examination, Fistula probe, Anoscope and Imaging studies.

Discuss more about the treatment options and complications, before your surgery to avoid reoccurence of anal fistula.

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